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In Greece, pie production has seen a shift towards large-scale industrial operations, leading to an increase in quantity but a decline in flavor diversity. However, the traditional and authentic taste of pies crafted in family kitchens remains highly sought after and increasingly rare. As an exception to the trend, our commitment to handcrafted, homemade pies delivers a taste experience that stands out from the rest.


We (and our pies) found ourselves in between industry and the home kitchen. We started out in the mountain, literally. A group of twenty somethings
around a campfire after rock climbing. Without an oven, having only a frying pan and small wrapped pies made from light phyllo pastry, some oil and plenty of filling, all prepared by Sofia and Thomas in Ioanna’s kitchen. Just as their grandfather-one of the best culinary craftsmen of the time - had shown them.
They were simply delightful to us, but we put that down to our hunger. So, we tried them again at home, using unusual ingredients, and even the grandmothers in the neighborhood loved them! Could there be any better seal of approval?! We knew what we had to do- invest in a large freezer!



In 2013, besides the local grandmothers, we started to deliver to bakeries in our area and two years later were entrusted to make pies for one
of the most influential international brands in Greek gastronomy and well-known Greek sweet shops and bakeries. In 2015 we visited the Anuga Food
Expo in Cologne, the world’s largest expo, to try other pies (they didn’t make sense). We got all the confirmation we needed to know that we had
something outstanding in our hands to offer.

[THE ROLL] Clibing


If pies were music (which they are!) we would be the rock scene. There’d be classical elements too because we “play” with our grandpa’s outstanding
bougatsa cream pie, amazing herbs, cheese and meat from the Greek mountains. There’s an alternative “sound” though, because we’ve replaced the
heavy traditional phyllo with a more delicate one. There are clearly discernible influences also from the Italian, British and American pop cultures for our ballads (now it makes sense).

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An eclectic group of adventurers, including a climber, a biker, and a canyon trekker, who all share a passion for culinary arts. Two insightful mothers and a seasoned pie production manager, formerly a free-spirited hippie, have joined forces to form the unlikely team of Korelas Masterpies. A close-knit family, united by their love for baking, striving to deliver exceptional handcrafted pies that bring together the essence of adventure and culinary creativity.


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